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Updated: Feb 6

Brgy. Tamago is an alliance of content creators, crypto influencers, web3 guilds and blockchain en

thusiasts in the Philippines and aims to offer Web3 projects an organic engagement to widen its reach within the PH community.

In the evolving world of blockchain, you'll meet people with common vibes and goals. This is where four people meet and formed a group we call FOCBOYS or Future of Crytpo Boys.

The team is headed by the founder Mike Tamago. Mike created his channel and name it Mike Tamago. Tamago in Japanese means egg, since most play to earn nfts starts with eggs. You'll need to hatch such eggs to see the nft you have. He makes content about play-to-earn, nft games and livestreams events.

Next on the team, we have ALROCK. ALROCK is the co-founder of the group and better known for his channel as the airdrop king. A lot of community members look up to him for contents such as crypto airdrop, token mining, play-to-earn games and blockchain projects.

Then we have Dong Ayan. Dong Ayan is the fun and friendly dude of the group. He makes content for play-to-earn, airdrop and blockchain projects. He used to be called Mr. Friendly since he has the charm among the ladies.

Then we have ultm8x. The all english content creator who makes his contents in Youtube and Tiktok. From a blog creator turned video content creator. He started his journey by simply playing a card game called Splinterlands and work his way to where he is now.

You can check the channels of the FOCBOYS here:

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