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"Arinola Gozaimasu! - Time"

I'll take this opportunity and privilege to make the first post! ^^

Some say that time is gold. I say time can be silver or even Bitcoin! Every morning when I wake up, I thank God just for being alive. We have a lot of reasons to be thankful but sometimes we forget how fortunate we are because of our personal problems.

Problems can make us forget important things. And like time, problems can have different meanings depending on the different perspectives we have. Maybe your problem is a Solution. Our solution. Here in Brgy Tamago, we create marketing strategies depending on project's nature. We don't have a fix template solutions because we believe that every business is unique. Nowadays, on this social media online-world, people are rushing their success. Others are getting frustrated and taking shortcuts to their dream. They thought that they have no time left. Some influencers buy views, followers or subscribers just to make their selves satisfied or even just to get sponsors to their social media. I believe it's a scam and at the same time, a bad marketing. Bad marketing cannot create solutions. It will only create problems. Problems to the project owners that will affect its business development and even personal life that can make you forget important matters. I believe having an organic marketing campaign, is the most effective way to make solutions in every business. It can save money and most of all, It can save time. Time is gold, time is Brgy Tamago. Anyare sa nyo. - Mike Tamago

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Alexander Jaralva
Alexander Jaralva
Oct 18, 2023

solid ito idol mike

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