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Unleash Your Brand's Potential with

the best marketing group in PH

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What We Can
Do For You

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Our ability to analyze data and make strategic recommendations can help businesses make more informed decisions, leading to improved revenue and growth.

One of our advocacy is to eliminate false marketing and fake promotions in the marketing industry that can damage the growth of the business.


We provide organic engagement and remain true to our client promotions.

Brgy. Tamago helps projects to have wide exposure by making a unique approach and very engaging campaign promotions that you cannot get from other marketing and advertising companies.

Hosting tournaments, fun and exciting campaign mechanics, and building special and exclusive segment shows for the projects makes us different from the others! Bring your project promotion to the next level with us!

But the bottom line is, “Low Fees, High quality” is what we provide.
Let’s bring your project to the moon!

Past Project And Collaborations

Our promoters and influencers are dedicated and provided a number
of quality project collaborations in the past.

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